Donate, volunteer, support our activities, or inform us about any cases of leprosy, TB, HIV/AIDS in your neighbourhood. You can become a part of our effort against disease and disability of the destitute.

Your contributions will help us in our efforts:

Supplies clothing for 1 patient per year Rs.2,000
Provides medicine for 1 leprosy patient per year Rs.3,500
Makes possible reconstructive surgery, hospital stay & physiotherapy Rs.5,000
Provides medicines for 1 HIV/AIDS patient per year Rs.10,000
Supplies food for 1 patient for a year Rs.12,000
Sponsors an HIV+ve orphan for one year Rs.24,000
Funds for annual infrastructure expenses Rs.5,00,000

Donations in kind are also welcome.

Donors in INDIA could send Cheques / Demand Drafts / Donations to the following address:


Sivananda Rehabilitation Home
National Highway No. 9, Kukutpally,
Hyderabad 500009, A.P. INDIA 

Ph: 9140 230507679 & 23057904

HIV Community Care Centre: 91402315661

Email :

Donations are eligible for exemption under Sec.80G of the Income tax Act.

Donors in USA could send donations to a tax exempt foundation:                                      

Sivananda Center Hyderabad

309 Oak Brook Dr.

Columbia, SC 29223