Sivananda Rehabilitation Center


About 450 Leprosy patients are staying on the campus, which include 200 patients requiring hospitalization and special attention for conditions like reactions, ulcers and reconstructive surgery.

Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation Programme :
The SRH is continuing as the only Nodal Centre for Telangana State under the "Disability Prevention & Medical Rehabilitation" (DPMR) programme.

PERFORMANCE : 2012-13   2013-14
Number of New Cases detected 126   144
Number of children (1-14yrs.) 9   17
Number of cases with WHO disabilities Grade:II 34   45
Number of female patients 44   40
No. of Admissions 958   1003
No.of Occupied Bed days Short Term 31539   31391
No.of Suregeries performed for ULCERS 154   502
No. of Surgeries performed RCS 83   95
No. of cases attended Lepra Reactions 120   266
No. who completed the treatment without any new disability 0   0

Orthopedic Department :

Provided MCR 490   437
Repairs of MCR 2400   2665
Received aids & appliances 152   177
Physiotherapy Dept :      
Total No. of activities 9709   11752
X-Ray Dept :      
No. of X-Rays done 300   380
Laboratory Dept :      
No. of Investigations 14708   14777


Individual Health Education regarding care of hands and feet to prevent secondary deformities is also regularly given by the Physiotherapists to patients, according to their requirement.

Visiting doctors, medical students, nursing trainees and others are given lectures as an introduction to Physiotherapy in Leprosy.


DERMATOLOGIST  - Dr.Rama Murthy,  M.D.  : 412

OPHTHALMOLOGIST  - Dr.Saibaba Goud, MS.  : 159



TUBERCULOSIS UNIT ( R.N.T.C.P. - 0.6 million population) performance :

Total TB cases registered since beginning : 7384
Total TB cases for the year (2013) 839
Total MDR TB cases registered since beginning 54
Total MDR TB cases for the year (2013) 19
Cure rate 88.4%
Conversion rate 93%
Case detection rate 67%
No.of TB cases HIV testing 96.5%
No.of TB HIV Pos 10.8%
No. of patients on ART 100%


Performance during the year under report:

Out Patient 50,537
Inpatient 2,747
Surgeries 620
Normal Deliveries 171

Vocational training and occupational therapy is imparted to the patients in tailoring, weaving, candle making and in plastic / jute bag making. Clothing for the inmates and uniforms for patients are produced in the weaving section.

A mechanical rehabilitation workshop with facilities for arc and gas welding, machining, spray painting, carpentry, plumbing, transport and electrical works has been set up. Hospital equipments like trolleys, washbasin stands, steel cots etc., are manufactured in the workshop. During the year we have supplied 459 garbage rickshaws to various Municipalities and residential colonies.

The entire maintenance staff of the hospital like nursing assistants, ward and physiotherapy aides, shoe makers, laboratory assistants, cleaners, sweepers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, gardeners, watchmen, cooks, washer men etc. is comprised of the Inmates of SRH.

Several categories of trainees from different institutions in the State received orientation training at our institution.


MBBS 30 (1 batch)
BAMS 41 (1 batch)
BHMS 73 (2 batches)
M.Sc.  Nursing 28 (1 batch)
B.Sc.  Nursing 199 (4 batches)
General Nursing 30 (1 batch)
MSW 32 (1 batch)
PMW 13 (1 batch)
Clinical Experience- PG Student of SPM 1
Physiotherapy Training 46 (3 batches)
Anganwadi Workers 35 (1 batch)
PGDPHM students 14 (1 batch)
Overseas Students 5 (2 batches)


  1. Home for HIV infected Orphans:

    India HIV/AIDS Alliance, New Delhi released grant amount of Rs.6,69,417 through "Telugu Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (TNP+) Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, A.P for SRH Orphanage (HIV Infected orphans Home) consisting of 40 children for the period from 1st July 2013 to 10th June 2014.