15 th May 2016

Dr. Vivek Srivastava, Asia Regional Representative, GLRA visited Sivananda Rehabilitation Home and appreciated the work carried out by our institution and also suggested how we can develop other related activities too.

3rd June 2016

Dr. Ch.Aruna Kumari, Dist. TB Control Officer, Ranga Reddy District and Dr.V.Yugandhara Rajesh, M.O. STDC, Hyderabad visited SRH and appreciated the work we are doing.

7th June 2016

Dr. V.C.Giri, Dy Director, Central Leprosy Training & Research Institute, Chennai visited SRH. Expressing his opinion he said that the SRH is a good model of Govt and NGO joint participation? .

1st July 2016

Mr. Charles Bland, Lepra UK visited and said that ? I am privileged to visit Sivananda. I am very impressed by the work that is done and by the humane and generous spirit of the staff.

29th Aug 2016

Mr. Sonja Becker & Patrick Miesen, DAHW, Germany visited SRH to see the work carried out in the field of leprosy and tuberculosis. Wishing SRH all the best for the future, said they will do their best to support Sivananda and maintain the long friendship between Sivananda and GLRA.

17th Feb 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Paul de Wit and his team came on their annual visit to SRH and expressed their happiness to see the patients again. Mr.Paul de Wit's organization Pavlos Culture-Adventures Foundation gave a generous donation, primarily for the renovation of patients? quarters and for other needs. We are grateful to them for their continued support.


22nd June 2015

Mr.A.K.Mandal, Regional PF Commissioner, Sub-Regional PF Office, Kukatpally, visited and appreciated the work and activities carried out at SRH and his remarks in the Visitors Book was ? I got this rare opportunity to be here today, completely moved to see the patients.Felt so good to know that they are so well taken care of? ? .

3rd July

Dr.Dinkar Palande, wellknown leprologist, visited SRH and showed keen interest in observing our Reconstructive Surgery results at our Referral Hospital. He had visited SRH many years ago and was very impressed to see that we continued to do wonderful work at SRH.

1st September

Dr.J.Prabakaran, WHO Consultant, RNTCP, Hyderabad, visited as a part of field visit and his remarks was ?I am admired totally the work done by you for the mankind and your support to the needy?.?.

26th February

Ms.Jayasree.P.K. & Dr.Jayanth Kumar accompanied by Dr.Urmila Pingle visited our institution and expressed their happiness with the work going on at SRH. they remarked ?Visiting Sivananda Home was an eye opener. There is so much wonderful work happening here, so many individuals and families over the decades have been benefitted that I am simply bowled over by the sheer charity?..?.

26th February

Mr.Wolfgang M?ller, Deputy Consul General, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany visited SRH along with his wife and observed all the activities carried out by this institution and promised to support us financially through the German Consulate. Our application for a small scale project for renovating the Common Kitchen was approved and funds were released for that purpose.

5th March

Cesar Calionan, Jeanette Tan & Ms.Renuka Reddi Dickason,visiting from the USA, visited SRH and Honorary Secretary Mr.Vikramdev Rao took them to all the departments and explained the work carried out at leprosy and tuberculosis projects.

28th March

Dr.Chakrapani Chette, WHO State Consultant, RNTCP visited the TB project and the leprosy project departments and expressed happiness with the performance of the institution.